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Despite increasing demand for clinical interventions into sexual problems in an aging population, epidemiological data on the subject are scarce. To examine the prevalence of sexual problems across different sociodemographic groups, and risk factors for these problems in multiple domains of life. Likelihood of experiencing sexual dysfunction in the preceding 12 months.

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To examine sexual frequency decline among American men and women between the ages of 44 and 72 born from to We examine the contribution of both changes in the composition of the population with respect to these factors as well as changes in the association between these factors and sexual frequency by age. For women, change in the proportion widowed is a significant factor in sexual frequency decline, as is change in the association between happiness and sexual frequency.

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Sexuality is an important component of emotional and physical intimacy that most men and women desire to experience throughout their lives. Although it is a fundamental driving force, human sexuality is frequently misunderstood. Even among clinicians who acknowledge the relevance of addressing sexual issues in their patients, there is a general lack of understanding of the optimal approach for sexual problem identification and evaluation.

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Many people want and need to be close to others as they grow older. For some, this includes the desire to continue an active, satisfying sex life. With aging, that may mean adapting sexual activity to accommodate physical, health, and other changes.

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A total of 10 articles based on primary studies, reporting about the sexuality or sexual health of older women and older peopleand published between —, were deemed suitable. The major themes that emerged from the available literature suggest that the sexual health of older people is affected by factors such as physical changes, mental health, changes to their relationship with their husband, chronic ill health and other psychosocial situations. It is concluded that nurses and other healthcare providers have a range of interventions that can be adopted to promote sexual health among older women.

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Sexual health is important at any age. And the desire for intimacy is timeless. As you age, sex may not be the same as it was in your 20s, but it can still be very fulfilling.

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Abuse can happen to anyone—no matter the person's age, sex, race, religion, or ethnic or cultural background. Each year, hundreds of thousands of adults over the age of 60 are abused, neglected, or financially exploited. This is called elder abuse.

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Scientists who study substance use have discovered that women who use drugs can have issues related to hormones, menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. In addition, women themselves describe unique reasons for using drugs, including controlling weight, fighting exhaustion, coping with pain, and attempts to self-treat mental health problems. Women often use substances differently than men, such as using smaller amounts of certain drugs for less time before they become addicted. Women can respond to substances differently.

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Mental health plays a major role in sexuality. Several psychological interventions are proposed to increase the sexual quality of life in older women with diverse gynecologic pathology. A biopsychosocial approach utilizing brief strategies can be easily implemented in clinics to help women of all ages increase their sexual quality of life.

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State St. Due to life-enhancing effects of antiretroviral therapy, HIV-positive persons have the potential for long life comparable to their uninfected peers. Initial key word search yielded records, and 21 studies met our inclusion criteria of original quantitative or qualitative research published between and with results specific to OWLH. These focused on health care and self-management, sexual health and risk, stigma, loneliness, mental health depression, substance useand protective factors coping, social support, well-being.


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