Breast reduction specialist

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Excessively large breasts can cause neck and back pain and make it difficult to exercise and find clothing that fits properly. For these women, Dr. Michael Zarrabi offers expert breast reduction surgery.

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A Breast Reduction is a procedure that removes excess skin, fat, and sometimes glandular tissue to alleviate the pain and discomfort of oversize breasts and create a more natural appearance. At SurgeonGateyou can learn the risks and benefits of this life changing procedure and work with one of our specialized breast reduction surgeons in Southeast Michigan. Breast reduction surgery can reduce the volume, weight, as well as the physical and emotional burden of excessively large breasts, leaving them tighter, lighter, and natural looking.

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Surgical Specialists best breast reduction surgeons Mansfield. If you had a dependable surgeon by your side, the whole experience will be considerably more bearable to you. Switching from surgeon to surgeon in search of the right one can actually put your health at risk.

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A board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly HillsDr. Robert Applebaum is a pioneer and leading specialist in the field of breast reduction surgery. Throughout his two decades of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr.

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Surgical Specialists breast reduction DeSoto. Understand what characteristics you're seeking in a surgeon and what factors are most vital to you. Look for a surgeon who has a background, philosophy, and personal style you're comfortable with, and attempt to establish a preventive routine that can help you maintain and ideally improve your present state of health.

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Tired of being top heavy and dealing with the back pain and emotional stress associated with this condition? Women with overly large breasts can greatly improve their health and their appearance through breast reduction surgery. Joshua Lampert, Miami board certified plastic surgeon, finds that patient satisfaction after breast reduction surgery is possibly rated higher than any other cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

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Experts available in:. Popular specialties. New medical centres.

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Read on to learn what to expect if you choose to have a breast reduction and why Penn Plastic Surgery is a leader in the region. Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, removes excess breast tissue and skin to create a breast size and shape that is more proportionate to your body. The benefits of a breast reduction include relief of back, neck and shoulder discomfort, increased ability to exercise and higher satisfaction with your appearance. The specialists at Penn Plastic Surgery are ready to help you get started.

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Have you experienced pain or discomfort from large and heavy breasts? Call today to schedule your first consultation or book an appointment online. If your breasts are too large for your body frame, or they are asymmetrical, a breast reduction can provide physical and emotional relief.

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Keith Blechman, accepts insurance for breast reduction plastic surgery. Women with large breasts may experience back, neck, and shoulder pain, rashes beneath the breasts, and grooving along the shoulders from their bra straps. Some women are very self-conscious about their large breast size, and many have difficulty finding properly-fitting bras and clothing. The goal of a breast reduction is to produce breasts that are smaller, lifted, and more naturally in proportion with your body, which can help correct posture, reduce pain, eliminate skin irritation, and improve self-image and confidence.


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