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Sexual penetration is the insertion of a body part or other object into a body orificesuch as the vaginaanus or mouthas part of human sexual activity or animal sexual behavior. The term is most commonly used in statute law in the context of proscribing certain sexual activities. Terms such as " sexual intercourse " or " carnal knowledge " are more commonly found in older statutes, while many modern criminal statutes use the term "sexual penetration" because it is a broad term encompassing unless otherwise qualified any form of penetrative sex, including digital meaning with the digits, i.

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Remembering the late nights of cramming for school exams is enough to send most of us into a hot sweat. But one year-old boy in China will probably forever nightmares until the end of time about his inventive study technique. The young teen was so keen to stay awake and get his homework completed, he decided to shun the usual option of drinking copious amounts of caffeine and instead inflict excruciating pain on himself.

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First of all, I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles. I like your sense of humour, and I think this is definitely an effective way to break the taboo in a sensitive subject of sex. I think my wife is satisfied in the bedroom, but I find sex in recent months very mundane.

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Of all the things men fear—embarrassment, nut shots, impotence, sobriety, etc. I would do likewise. I apologize to you in advance. I am nearly 40, and I happen to have a larger-than-normal prostate.

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Just because vaginas get gynecologists and annual exams and all that jazz doesn't mean you can just forget about your penis health. In fact, there are a lot of problems that can arise if you don't look after your penis properly. So to find out more about how to keep your penis as healthy as possible, BuzzFeed Health spoke with two board-certified urologists: Dr.

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Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men below 40 years of age. Some studies say that almost every man will experience it at least once in his lifetime. It is more common in younger men, and has been seen to improve with age.

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Some are thick, some are thin, and some are in between. They can be anywhere from the palest pink to the deepest purple. And they can point up, down, or off to the side.

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Many men and women feel anxious about having sex during periods because we have been culturally conditioned to believe that menstruation is something dirty. There are also many misconceptions about the medical aspects of sex during periods. Medically, it is normal to have sex during periods.

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