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The breasts are specialised organs, which are located on the anterior chest wall. The female breast is more developed than the male breast, as their primary function is to produce milk for nutrition of the infant and baby. There are lots of glands in our breasts, which grow and develop during puberty and maturation.

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Breast cancer is a huge subject. A single search on Google for the term will bring up thousands of results, overflowing with information that would take literally years to read. We understand the enormity of it all can be a little overwhelming, so we put together this short guide to cover the basics and hopefully give you a good understanding of what breast cancer is, how it's identified, and what you can do for yourself and your community to stay as healthy as possible. We invite you to read through all of the information on this page and to share it with anyone and everyone you know.

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Lactation is the process by which milk is synthesized and secreted from the mammary glands of the postpartum female breast in response to an infant sucking at the nipple. Breast milk provides ideal nutrition and passive immunity for the infant, encourages mild uterine contractions to return the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size i. Mammary glands are modified sweat glands.

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The mammary gland is a gland located in the breasts of females that is responsible for lactation, or the production of milk. Both males and females have glandular tissue within the breasts; however, in females the glandular tissue begins to develop after puberty in response to estrogen release. Mammary glands only produce milk after childbirth.

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Breast cancer is one of the largest causes of women's death in the world today. Advance engineering of natural image classification techniques and Artificial Intelligence methods has largely been used for the breast-image classification task. The involvement of digital image classification allows the doctor and the physicians a second opinion, and it saves the doctors' and physicians' time.

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The female breastsor mammary glandsare the modified appendages lying on the anterior chest wall. It is present in males as well but in most men, it is not as prominent as it is in females. The female breast has a role in both nourishing the offspring as well as offering immunological protection to the newborn baby.

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